A Great Pre-workout Regime

One of the most important things that almost everyone forgets or doesn’t give an importance to is the importance of a pre-workout meal. Consuming a pre-workout meal makes sure that you get optimum benefits out of your hard work you put in your workout. Following you’ll find nutrition tips and preworkout meal that you can eat.

1. Fats: It is better to avoid fats before hitting the gym because it might seem they give you a lot energy but the fact is that they’re very slow when it comes to their digestion. Theres no jury out there on the fats consumption before workout but if you avoid them you’ll feel lighter and agile. But if you have to eat then try 3 hours before workout.

2. Carbohydrates: Simple carbs should be consumed before workouts, i.e. if you’re about to hit the gym. If you have on your hands then you can also consume complex carbs in a 2-4 hour window. So that you give them enough time to digest and release energy for your workout.

3. Protein: They’re gold when it comes to pre-workout meals. They give you amino acids, BCAAs, they help you while you workout by preventing muscle catabolism etc. try consuming them at least 30 mins before workout.

List of excellent foods for a great preworkout meal:

1. Bananas: Go bananas over bananas, if you eat them just before workout or during workout as a matter of fact, they’ll provide you with increased blood sugar levels and glycogen levels and also give you enough electrolytes like potassium, so that you ensure recovery amidst your workout.

2. Dry fruits with oats: A great blend of natural sugars, fibres and protein. Try consuming at least 30 mins prior your workout.

3. Greek yogurt and fruits: Again, natural sugars, protein and fibres all come together. At least mins before.

4. Peanut butter sandwich with a couple of brown breads: Carbs and protein extravaganza again at least mins before.

5. Classic chicken and rice: No one can beat them but at least eat at least hours prior.

6. Eggs: Be it an omelette or boiled, eat them at least 2-4 hours prior.

7. Whey: drink your shake 30 mins before you hit the weight rack.

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