Muscle it up for better physical growth

Muscle make up approximately one third to one half of our body weight. They help us in binding together and help us withstand the physical challenges of life.

When to expose your muscle to tension and stress say in the gym they get damaged, we are not able to see that because that damage is microscopic and here the damage is good in fact very good and these damaged muscle cells produce molecules called cytokines which help in repairing your damaged muscle cells and this whole process takes place when our body is at rest and the immune system is not very much busy with other things. this is why resting and sleeping are very important when you’re working on that killer physique of yours.

This means that the more heavy you lift or the more damage your muscle tissue takes the bigger it will be in turn. When people say that they’re not able to lift heavy weight that simply means that their muscle need to go under more damage and build more strength consequently. Above all, you need to keep your motivation alive because it all depends upon your brain, the stronger the signals your muscles will receive the more effort they’ll produce in order to lift that heavy weight. 

Thus, when our muscle cells are exposed to higher stress and load they become bigger, this process is known as hypertrophy. Now all this does not happen without some help, we need the help of proper nutrition and rest, that’s why all the people you meet will tell you why diet is important, for, example when we talk about protein, it actually helps in preserving the muscle mass and keep those gains alive by giving us amino acids. Amino acids are the most fundamental form of protein.

Break your muscle, eat properly, rest and then hit the gym again. That’s the basic mantra which you need to keep your focus on , everything else will follow. Keep this basic fundamental in mind and then around it, build your exercise routines focusing on different parts.

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