Fitness Myths : DEBUNKED

1. According to girls, lifting more weights will make them muscular so they avoid lifting too much weights – Well, this one a classic, I’ve heard too many girls asking their trainers not to make them lift weights coz it’ll make their biceps grow and they might start looking like guys, cracks me up every-time, these are some of the fitness myths that i am gonna debunk in this article.

In fact, lifting weight can give you more strength and stamina which will help you in our day to day life and might also help you to kick some serious ass, it also increases body metabolism and of course will make you achieve those curves and you’ll be able to buy that perfect mannequin fit dress in no time.

So, I think you should make your way in that weight section more often.

2. Its better to spend more time at the gym – It is one of the common belief that spending more time in the gym will help you achieve your fitness goals faster, infact, the less time you spend their, the better, and by less time I mean the time you’re there you need to focus on your workout, whatever you usually do in 2 hours, try to do it in 1 hour. This will increase you stamina, your endurance. Get outta there and work on your diet for the rest of the day.

3. If you go to the gym, yoga is not for you – This is one of the biggest myths I’ve ever heard, people who’re into strength training and lifting weights often feel that yoga is not for them and vice versa. For starters, yoga is a big calorie burner, it will help you to trim that extra fat extra fast, yoga gives your body flexibility and agility which you can use while lifting those weights. If you have time to do both, I will say that it will dimension to your workout.

4. Beginners think that they need supplements otherwise they won’t get fatser results – When beginners hit the gym for the first time, they see all those big and muscular guys and see them loading up on supplements, so, they they make an opinion that this is what that’s required in order to get those muscles and they ask their trainers for it, their trainers say yes coz they get to make profit (capitalism, right!), what they don’t realize is they need to start training their muscles first which have not been exposed to high stress ever!! And then after a while there will come a time when their muscles will ask for it.

5. Lifting weights is enough – Seriously, this one gets on my nerves, people think that lifting weights is enough for their workout. People step in to the gym and start lifting weights and go home. What happened to stretching? To bodyweight training? Core training? Stamina building? It especially happens when you watch a lot of tv, look at those actors with great muscles and a cute chick and that’s all you want. What you forget is that all those things are a result of all of the things mentioned above plus hardwork in their own field.

60 / 100

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