Be a Designing Minimalist for simple & intuitive workflow

Designing is bit subjective in nature and due to which it cant be expressed with mere words but for the sake of this abstract i will share 3 tips that helped me to design minimally and also helped me to keep the right aesthetic balance and maintain the right level of saturation.

DON’T OVERTHINK : try to place the element that you actually want, dont cloud the mind with too many ideas, try to execute the filtered ideas diligently and get use to it, if you are not, for me it was weird in the beginning then gradually i realized that over stroking or over saturating a design with lot of elements, colors & shades can turn a beautiful design into a sheer nightmare, so dont do this mistake.

GAUGE BALANCE : decide what you want to render and then dive into production, always gauge the balance of the elements that you want to place in the fore ground and the background, gauge a balance in your head and you will see that it will be easy to manifest it digitally or physically. Gauging the right balance between the elements is the key to an aesthetically refined design .

KEEP IT SUBTLE : this is a line that can be thrown around for lot of stuff, but this one goes pretty well with this scenario, keep the design and color scheme subtle, dont go crazy with super neonic color trying to explore the shaded, faded side of colors aswell, keeping it subtle means making it easy to eye, when do you remember the last time you saw something subtle which was too loud, nahh! cant be possible, so try to keep it subtle…

These are just three tips for now, try them, execute them and win them and till then i will keep on drafting article sharing tips to design better.

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