FACEBOOK ADVERT : Great Steps for higher R.O.I

Leveraging Advert is one of the best way for marketers to market their product & services at a huge scale cost-effectively. But as easy at it sounds it is important to understand your target audience well and then conceptualize and optimize campaigns based on their emotional and functional needs. 

1) Segment your target audience into demographics(age), language, interest & purchasing patterns this is one of the easiest and most effective way to segment Target-Audience and then create content for each set of target audience , after creating the right set of content align it to you adverts campaigns.  

2) Prepare multiple ways to engage target audience sets because spending thousands on  facebook advertisement is not helpful until and unless their is a strong content and digital strategy for each set of TARGET AUDIENCE, so the key to maintain high engagement rate is to frequently post interactive and high quality trending and niche content wrapped around the promotional, emotional and functional aspect of the business or domain, in short everybody loves popular and viral stuff so share or re-post mainstream content regularly but dont get lost in the limelight also maintain the right balance of niche content designed for each TA sets and publish it will same frequency.  


OLX uses this trick and ask people interesting questions about
their favorite cars etc, this way people are engaging
with their interactive posts this way each of their advert campaign receives high engagement and conversions rates.

3) Hitting micro communities with relevant and valuable content will result is higher engagement and conversions because it will build a strong connect with the end user by providing free high value educational, entertainment & functional content in multiple media formats, in short first give value then receive value. 

4) Keep posting good and interactive content most suitable and most trending to your target audience, creating the right content mix and effectively distributing it is the key,  so if your are offer driven then highlight alluring offers that can drive more conversions, keep the audience engaged by creating surveys and asking open ended questions regarding trends & ideas so that people can engage with the brand and can provide preferential data in the form of comments and social shares, this method works wonder for re-marketing and retention campaigns.

5) CAREFULLY MONITOR THE METRICS PROVIDED BY THE Facebook, Facebook provides HQ real time campaign & user analytics ie page likes, posts ,PTAT , like increase percentage etc, so if these HQ customer and business data sets are analyzed diligently it can provide lots of high value insights that can help in connecting better with the target audience.

Targeting communities and micro-communities by leveraging GROUPS and EVENT PAGES.

Facebook has forums for everything , travel, party etc but targeting the best GROUP is the key, check out different GROUPS that revolve around your product and then check if the group is properly managed or not , because most of the groups are useless because the content is not filtered thus they have very low engagement and conversion rates.


 PAGE LIKES or GROUP MEMBERS doesn’t matter until and unless there is an effective content strategy to engage users.

Create Competitive Analysis Report 

List out all the possible competitors you have and then utilize social media analytics tools to benchmark KEY METRICS , this will help you in analyzing the competition better plus will give you the key factors why some of your competitors are doing well and some are not.

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