DATA ROBOTS : Autonomous Data Units, Driving Processes & R.O.I

The question is not about what are DATA ROBOTS, but the question is way more deeper and it is more about how machine can envelope a certain degree of consciousness in order to carry out simple and complex business processes just the way  humans can, another question is how the whole process can be made efficient and cost effective in order to ripe more R.O.I thus adding more value to the value chain,  it is hard to define a particular time-frame in which machines can achieve this level of consciousness or rather say self awareness where they can handle complex conceptualization and planning  processes just the way skilled professionals do.


The automation and the current robotic paradigm has changed quit significantly and is growing at an exponentially rate , machine learning algorithms with huge sets of structured data sets coupled with super high computing and storing facilities are already being deployed to handle business processes as a move to automate the entire set of human dependent high value businesses and operational processes to reduce human based errors, payroll and operational cost hence making hand-offs , process and communication delivery more structured , efficient and cost effective.

Certain set of sub processes in few industries which are now being automated have increased the efficiency, reduced latency and has increased the service level way above expectation with least amount of errors, most of the errors are human based and is due  to poor configuration and server shutdowns which have been diminished to a very high extent due to successful automation efforts. 

Based on the current insights ; AI IMPLEMENTATION in business process and sub-processes has resulted in service level and productivity increase, the self triggered evolution of the AI systems and the populating data sets are being leveraged by deep learning algorithms that are designed to improve and rectify all the loophole via gradually filtering, analyzing  and structuring the right data set in order to efficiently monitor and execute the processes or sub process via abiding to the coded instruction cycles that are coupled with high level protocol adherence and operational procedures .

Networking and software paradigms have evolved exponentially with time and the efficiency and service delivery is on day to day increase resulting in better process optimization.


The increase in IOT enabled devices coupled with smart servers which are capable of creating and executing intelligent decisions based on the internal and external input data-sets rendered by the sensors in IOT enabled devices will result in industry wide process based evolution.

The systems deployed will be more aware of the surroundings and will bring high decisiveness and efficiency coupled with zero errors  and 100 percent compliance adherence. The increase in self awareness or rather say the degree of self awareness in machines will result in highly sophisticated systems and frameworks  coupled with the right set of hardware support that can effectively execute high value instructions and can drive operational scalability. 

Inter personal , professional, location and preferential data coupled with meta data will be captured on real time basis and the large set of well structured and highly relevant data sets will render independent sets of intelligent data factions which will be autonomous in nature.

Higher data availability, lower latency, higher analysis capabilities will pave a path towards higher scalability along with higher ROI.  Industries which are aligned with this approach of autonomous powerful data sets driving business growth will get better process efficiency and higher .R.O.I numbers.

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