Fight Fear For Success

In order to be successful in life we have to fight our demons , the fear of failure is the biggest enemy , we have to diminish the fear of failure because no matter what failure is , it is kinda inevitable , as we can see it is a very vital part of our holistic learning curve.

Fear can be of any form , be it fear of rejection, fear of being poor , fear of society , fear of death, anyways the list of our fear and insecurity is infinite , we can’t succeed if we are weak and fearful of the challenges that we are about to face , fear makes us alert but in order to be on the right path we have to gradually transform those inactive fears into actions , those actions which can help us to diminish our fears and move towards a better , a more clear and welcoming reality, what you fear opens up a portal to the unknown, a portal to the unknown where even entering will make you stronger then before, remember what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger.

we are modern day human beings and thanks to the media and other distribution channels that it supply us with constant supply of weird and latent insecurities which are somehow revolving around our desires.

we are being constantly programmed to be what we are not,  we have to acknowledge this fact that what we think we are is not a complete reality , it is a fusion or i rather say an amalgamation of internal and external data that we receive via our internal and external world , tell me one thing why are we stressed all the time even if we are doing good financially , why are we stressed all the time if we don’t have a companion and the list goes on and on, just like the universe our the list of desires can be infinite, hence the pursuit will be infinite in nature aswell.

Dont think that running after your desires all the time and trying to achieve them will make you happy , it will NOT FOR SURE.

Yes achieving the materialistic desires after multiple years of hard work will make you happy for sure as it instills confidence , power and social acceptance but this is just one small abstract of the actual reality we are living in , it can fade away just like your life , no strings attached, a stable social, financial and physical life is a base, i agree to it but it is not the final destination.

Happiness is a state of life not mind , the stable , the more positive understanding you have over your internal and external world the more blissful you will feel. Our mind creates both our conscious and subconscious reality, and thoughts have the power to manifest into PHYSICAL AND META-PHYSICAL REALITIES.

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