What is Supernatural ?

Supernatural is beyond natural, something we cant see , we don’t believe and what we can physically perceive is a millionth part of the actual reality that surrounds us, we cant see universe , we cant even see few kilometers away if a day is bit foggy so the inferences that we draw via our sensory inputs are not totally valid for all the assumption and hypothesis we make, yes they are the vital nodes but not the only ones.

We are in planet earth, and planet earth is in our solar system, and the solar system is in our milky way galaxy and there are billions and billions of galaxies like our own galaxy , billions of stars and galaxies are beautifully balanced in the infinitely expanding universe.

Can you see xrays, can you see the infrared radiations, can you see Spirits, can you see heart pumping blood, can you hear the sound of your own blood flow, can you see you brains neuron firing on real-time basis the answer is yes you can feel it, you can observe it, but you cant quantify it without any device.

We all experience an integrated reality with the help of our sensory inputs that help us to manifest and propagate physical realities and meta-physical realities.

We can only observe few things that falls under visible light spectrum, we can only hear auditory signals which are under the limit of min and max hertz human ears can hear, but when we awaken our mind connect with the cosmic reality around us then during this transcendental state, our field of view increases , or i would rather say our consciousness expand in a controlled way, and there it begins the journey to the unknown transcendental states of existence.

The current perception of reality will take a tilt of 180 degree when you are awakened because your consciousness will expand and field of observance will be very high and then you will be able to to navigate across multiple dimensions of your life in a very subtle and beautiful way.


With the help of DMT people in ancient egyptian & mayan culture have created lot of beautiful and exotic cave art, which majorly contains supernatural, transcendental and esoteric alien entities which were actually considered god because of there higher perception and higher physical and meta-physical prowess.

Even after thousand of years , the same set of intelligence and wisdom still propagates across these Ancient tribes who were collectively consuming DMT or multiple other Psilocybin extracts to undergo spiritual/ transcendental experiences.

People who have experienced DMT have telepathic connection with multiple esoteric civilizations, they receive gian messages, it is a portal which dissolves the vague intellectual, religious, political and psychotic structures of the dilapidated dominance hierarchy.

Moving towards higher perception will help in rendering a better way of communicating , analyzing and manifesting meta-physical entities, i will rather say it is an integrated experience.

we all are waves (de-broglie wavelength), we all have a specific amplitude and frequency, we exhibit both particle and wave behaviors.

The probability that we can pass a material threshold is very low but for meta-physical consciousness transmitted as energy/mass wave will have a higher probability of passing material thresholds through the same setup and will also have higher access to physical dimensions as it is not just limited to the 3D physical world .

As the name suggest supernatural means that is beyond the natural laws that we all cant perceive via our sensory inputs , supernatural world is more of a virtual world with higher access to metaphysical information (space,time,energy,matter) as compared to the 3D WORLD that we all a part of.

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