People have lot’s of misconceptions when it comes to psychotropic & PSYCHEDELICS substances like DMT, LSD, Psilocybin etc because the government puts a ban on them and make them appear scary and lethal, see lot of people will want us to think that these natural occurring herbs (TOTALLY ORGANIC) will make us crazy but the reality is if you are exploring the psychedelic sub-set in a mature and balanced way it can help you render a deep holistic view of both the internal and external cosmos.

Recreation is really important to open up your mind and it will lead you towards a path of spiritual and non-material awakening, so imagine if you ARE AN ARTIST HOW MUCH YOU CAN LEVERAGE THESE EXPERIENCES AND THEN ARTICULATE THEM with the help of color and notes.

So in short these natural occurring plants can raise somebodies perception to a high level or it can distort somebody perception totally if consumed in high dosages,

Psychedelics helps us explore and blissfully propagate through life by being part of pure and spiritual recreational ceremonies and get a holistic world view where the concept of society, religions, sex etc just melt down into one unified experience and that is the instance of the gaian mind emulated right in front of us during profound guided psychedelic experience.

Always remember abusing any kind of prescription and non-prescription drug will lead you towards death, everything in excess is bad. Recreational drugs will help us to to elevate the perception really fast and enter a completely different reality , disconnected or some how weirdly connected with our conscious and sub conscious reality, and if not guided and controlled can result in distortion of our mind and thus a distorted mind will result in a distorted and non-linear physical manifestation.

Higher perception is a way towards creativity and blissfulness and a portal to the supreme gaian mind, and these profound pure and spiritual collective psychedelic experiences are one of the the hundreds of ways to TAP INTO THE GAIAN MIND….

66 / 100

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