Music & Psychedelics

Psychedelics and music has a very long relationship since time immortal , psychedelics have always been a very strong part of our ancient traditions , most of the festival’s and ceremonies that are being celebrated by the tribe are usually under the influence of psychedelics, all those herbs which brings us close to our existential reality and navigate us through the meta physical dimensions have been in place for thousands of years, so that we all can collectively and individually experience transcendental states.

Music just like psychedelics is a meta physical world and does transcend the concepts and domain of the physical world , just like opening of third eye or Vishuddhi Chakra opens up a new dimension for you, the same thing happens when you are under the Influence of Ayahuasca , what you see is real just the way what you see and perceive with your open eyes.

Psychedelics dissolves the boundaries of religion, society , caste , creed, sex etc etc, just like Psychedelics music also transcends the limited cultural and social framework we all are a made believe we are a part of.

Musical consciousness is everywhere and when you are on psychedelics or let’s say having a higher state of awareness, the dimensions in which you are going to analyze the sounds are going to be infinite just the way your visual representation of the world turns into a holographic matrix where the limitations that have been placed in your brain due to the programming done by our parent , society , school, college , friends , family, media etc etc all dissolves and disintegrates during psychedelic experiences , the real you is not the one who is angry or sad , the real you is always observing you and when you are angry it takes that shape, when you sad it take a shape, so DMT (Spirit Molecule) , Assists you to see , feel and navigate in the inner self and the cosmos.

Imagine perceiving sound in multi dimensions , right now your acoustic experience is limited to your surroundings and when the surrounding turns into a hyper dimensional matrix then both the visual and auditory manifestation are going to very rich and the experience is going be very profound .

65 / 100

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