Wtf is METAL

Obviously the title is very generic and very broad because as deep as classical music is, the same level of deepness metal music has, let’s see how…

Yes you can find cool melodic structures in iron maiden & Metallica songs and you are going to discover a lot of bands who can bend like them and who have really well defined melodic and rhythmic structure for eg messugah.

How about some vocal oriented ornamentation by Ronnie James Dio, he is one of the big names among many other big shots during metal inception era.

The thing that we have to realize is that metal music is not atall a mainstream genre, yes now we can see that due to the advent of technology bands like slipknot , sod, cradle of filth do have a very huge mainstream following for eg Each of there video have more then 50 plus million view and that is insane amount of views for a metal performance, so by these stats we can’t nullify this fact that millions and millions of people love metal and most of them don’t even know yet that they love it, they are browsing around waiting to be hit by a crazy metal tune.

Metal music is more about representing your shadow and getting that dark feel on the stage , we all have our persona , ego and shadows but when it comes to metal music a little more has to do with the darker side of the reality then the cool color bright side which seems very legit to me because the way our society is actually structured right now sums it all up.

Majority of the people are in a very bad physical and mental state especially in South Asian and African countries , but the modern day hypocritical nature somehow masquerade it , metal music bring that rage back , metal is more about energy mixed with anarchy , it is a rush that can create a change , as music has the power to create a transformation and at the same time it does have the power to make us aware of our deepest emotions and desires

Anger is the most deepest and oldest emotion associated with us since the inception of mankind and most of the time in a social setup it is being suppressed to a very higher extent and metal music acknowledge it and lets it out.

It is not about wearing black , it is not about getting tattoo or even to look scary as hell , metal music is the manifestation of the powerful side in us , based on the theme it can be thrash metal with deep lyrics of mysticism or it can be blast beat filled death metal banger filled with zombie and weird blood lust quests, try to understand and internalize the theme and you will enjoy it , till the dawn of the man kind, because metal will be forever and ever…

63 / 100

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