Wtf is Sound?

Sound is an energy and we have been constantly being aware of it due to our ears and the ability of our brain to perceive it, sound is just like visual input that can be perceived in multiple ways, sounds energy is transmitted through medium in the form of longitudinal waves and can be perceived in number of ways.

The speed of the sound is way more in metal as compared to air, sound waves also generate heat or I will rather say dissipate heat but way lower in value as compared to other form of energies, hence the speed and heat dissipation of sound waves will differ from medium to medium.

So now as we know that the sound energy is dissipated in the form of heat so for waves of higher frequency the sound energy is transformed into heat more rapidly than the waves of lower frequency because waves with higher frequency are carrying more sound energy then the wave with less frequency.

So as a matter of fact the lower frequencies will travel more than the sound with high frequency because the heat dissipation will be lower in the wavelength of lower frequency as frequency is indirectly proportional to wavelength.

In order to understand the concept of sound better let’s go to the fundamental phase from where the sound is actually manifested.

Sound energy is propagated in the form of wave , now if we take a simple sine wave , you will get a constant frequency, you can generate the sine, cosine, square waves etc from a Synth, the sound wave has energy which is propagated in the form of longitudinal wave.

The speed of sound in air at 0 degree Celsius is about 330 Meters per second , or let’s say nearly 1200 km/ hr , the water vapor in the air increase the speed of sound slightly, so it is being calculated that which each degree rise in temperature above 0 degree Celsius , the speed of sound in the air increases by 0.6 meters per second.

So if we talk about the normal room temperature that is around 20 degree Celsius the sound waves travel around 340 m/ s which is pretty darn fast. If this is fast then in water sound travel 4 times faster then in air which is super duper fast…

Sound energy is longitudinal in nature and has different set of parameters based on the generation and propagation conditions.

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