God is an universal and absolute truth and religion is a coherent framework to support its existence in a physical form via large scale usage of language, astrology, occult, music and culture.

Religion has been created by benevolent beings with clear and pure intention to seek spiritual connection with the absoluteness, but gradually due higher degree of stakeholders who were the victim of LUST ,GREEDINESS and HYPOCRISY has negatively influenced it, and has transformed RELIGION into a MONEY MAKING MACHINE .

The deep connection of our religious identity with music dates back to thousands and thousands of years, our vedic scriptures which are dated back to thousands of years have always integrated music with the auspicious religious and social ceremonies , it is not even the Indus valley but all the ancient civilizations were aware of the Meta physical and physical power of music , thousands of years ago tribes in Africa , southern America and many other part of the world, were having collective psychedelic experiences under the stars covered with the sounds of massive skin drums, the music and psychedelics induced ceremonies have been reported all around the globe, so based on the above mentioned fact, it is quite easy to digest that all the ancient tribes which were the foundation pillars of the modern society have always placed music to an absolute level, as for most of them till this day , music has been a language of the gods, for eg hymns and mantras have been leveraged for thousands of years to Integrate and communicate with the meta physical energies across the universe, and till this date all these religious ceremonies are filled with uplifting percussive and melodic sound envelopes, these acoustic reverberations have been propagated in the ancient temples for thousands and thousands of years

When you visit an ancient Indian temple during pooja, you can feel the strong vibrations of the beautiful melodies and powerful rhythmic amalgamation of India percussion and melodic instruments, the vedic chanting accompanied by a beautiful percussive and melodic support simply fills the air with strong transcendental vibrations, if you meditate you can feel the strong energy fields around the temples, and it is so easy to observer that the transformation power of music is infinite.

Music is a universal gift and I personally believe as I have felt it that it transcends the linguistic and cultural barriers that we all have in this world , it is a beautiful manifestation of sound energy that holds such a such great power to control our emotions and navigate us across non-physical dimensions , a whole song is a consciousness in itself , it has its own identity , texture , color , message and destiny , as our visual world is very much synced with our visual stimuli , the same thing can be said for our auditory world.

Our auditory world is framed by the music and sounds that we have listened. There can be different set of framework to explain, understand or execute an melody but the only best way to manifest it is to feel it , is to internalize it , is to live it and then only you can explore many dimensions of the smallest and the simplest of the simplest melody , music is both an inward and outward journey and hence we can see why it is so deeply integrated with religious and spiritual philosophy all around the world.

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