Expand you musical learning curve

Education is important but at the same time it is difficult to centralize what you are looking for , it doesn’t matter if your are learning any domain , you can learn online but sequencing the data that you want can be bit tricky , so today we will discuss simple and super easy ways on how you can educate yourself to be a musician and at expand your musical learning curve.

Firstly , listen to the song that you like the most and see if those songs have covers or tutorial, and watch it over and over again, don’t try to play the same thing , first try to understand the structure and do this with multiple songs and see what attracts you towards that song , create a folder add them and watch them everyday , it won’t take much of your time but slowly you will see that you will start getting deeply aware of what kind of music you like and will gradually start to manifest it in your playing, it is called internalizing the dynamics of a musical performance.

Secondly , pick one teacher at a time online , see you will find lot of people who will be teaching online , but you have to find the one that is not only sharing generic stuff but detailed lessons aswell , pick the right guy he will make your life easy , pick a channel with regular uploads , good views and whose content is structured just like in school and college , the more structured content you get the more easily you will be able to learn.

Thirdly, understanding the deepness of music theory is really important , even if you start playing chords and scale and are unaware of vital pillars of musical theory then you are loosing on lot of things , finding a PDF for learning musical theory is darn easy just Google it and download the best pdf, the best part is when it comes to musical theory you will be able to download so many amazing resources from Berklee, Trinity and many other fancy art and music based educational institutions.

Fourth , try downloading some mobile apps which can help you create music, if you are learning and has just started learning abelton or logic pro, it can be a bit complex in the beginning but later it will settle down. Try get your hands on simple electronic setups like drum pads , so many cool drum pads and instrumental midis are available in app Store , download them and the best part is most of them are free , so without paying money you can get a rich pragmatic experience on how production works.

This is very long article as I am sharing all the ways I learned music all by myself through jamming , online lessons and books, in the next few future articles I will share many more steps that are bit more advanced and will help you increase the level of your skills at a very high pace.

Music transcends our limited social and linguistic structure and thus you will enter a whole new world of auditory manifestation as soon as you start learning music.
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