Music & You

We all love music , have you ever wondered how beautiful a composition feels , yeah we all have experienced short term euphoria by playing music or even listening music, now let see how….

Music is an auditory manifestation, we all manifest sound of different pitches , texture and tones, but do we realize it NOPE, this is due to the fact that most of the auditory data that we receive via our ears are stored in the sub conscious side of the brain , so it doesn’t matter if you like or dint like the sound it can be stored in your subconscious mind and can be accessed in dream and non-dream states.

Even if something doesn’t feel like a song to you is majorly due to the fact that your brain cant link the different frequency profiles as they are out of tune according to your musical database.

Human and animal can feel if the sound is off tuned or in tune, we all have this instinctive auditory filter in our brain, we are just not that aware of it , yoga and deep meditation will help you to be more aware of these beautiful superpowers we all poses.

As we have evolved over millions of years our collective consciousness and intelligence when in come to sound has evolved over millions and millions of years as well, today the auditory input that we receive have been enhanced and crystallized to a very high extent due to the complex music structure we have in our modern urban and tribal societies, and which is kinda amazing, now we have such a huge access to musical databases all around the globe , and so much to listen to that either we can overwhelm ourselves or can just flow in the beautiful deep ocean of auditory nirvana.

68 / 100

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