Language & Us

Language helps us to express what we feel, what we want and help us to understand what other wants from us , language molds our persona, language is a way of sharing information and it can be very subjective or objective in nature, in this abstract we will get more into the subjectivity associated with languages.

Language is the way of communicating with a physical medium and as we can see it have been deeply integrated with our culture , religion , politics and much more, language is the most common link which is required for keeping and maintaining this synergy between us.

I had the great privilege of going through vedic scripts dated back to thousand of years, i have been to temple that have been here for thousands of years, when I visit these monuments I always see the beautiful visual representation of the god or goddess to whom these temples are devoted to , as soon as you enter the temple you will see aesthetically refined sculptures, figurines , carving and vegetable color painting , these artistic manifestations have both the physical and the metaphysical aspect to it, and all these visual representation can be decoded by the deep understanding of vedic culture and protocols.

We are not the only species which have the power of the language , nature had bestowed all the creatures the power to communicate and exist together, so for us we may reduce language and communication into certain digital and non digital framework but in the end the core essence is to create , render and articulate idea across multiple species nodes.

Both the modern and ancient societies linguistic frameworks have always been deeply linked with religious , cultural, political and musical scriptures, god, nature and universe is absolute and this absoluteness is somehow brought down to a limited structure and that structure is expressed via language, when we look at earlier scriptures on which the whole modern day linguistic systems are based , the flow of idea across species is propagated through language and due to its bounded nature, it is easy to add both subjectivity and objectivity to it. .

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