Drumming & Dynamism 101

Drumming and dynamism are so interrelated, in this abstract we will see how to add dynamism to your drumming , anyways adding dynamism and subtly to your drumming may take years but anyway that is the right way to go , so if you have just started playing then it is highly recommended to be aware of your dynamic structure from the very beginning.

Now you must be wondering what is a dynamism structure is , okay ! so the dynamic structuring of your playing is the amount of energy you are manifesting and how that energy is being channelized to the kit , basically a framework of your internal playing style, adding dynamism and fluidity to your playing style makes the drum melodies more deep and groovy.

So in order to add dynamism ,you have to be aware of your dynamic structure by this i mean you dont have to run computer tests and stuff but to observe your playing style by looking at mirror and recorded videos, after a while you will observe a point in your set where your hand movement , fist movement ,bass pedal movement are very well optimized and the shape of your grip, your full posture is precise and many other physical attributes will be enhanced , this will help you gauge the level of dynamism you have , the dynamism will add more color and texture to you playing .

The biggest advantage when it comes to dynamism and fluidity is the degree of intonation and accentuation , the more you are aware of your muscle memory ,the more you aware of how you look while playing , the more you are aware of your grips and the position of toms, cymbals and snare around you , the deeper will be your playing and this will manifest higher level of accentuation and deep subtle intonations.

The dexterity in playing and the deepness in playing is directly linked to the level of dynamism, it is a long journey and may take lot of time , but music is infinite and hence if you start good you’ll do good , better to be aware of each hand , leg position, be aware of the pressure and energy you deliver to the drums, please try to increase the level of sensitivity by this i mean develop a huge spectrum of hits that range from super low Decibels to very high Decibels , the best way to master dynamism is practicing all 40 basic rudiments on snare drum and then spreading it across each drum one by one.

The level of dynamism in your playing will enhance on day to day basis,the more you start getting aware of the sounds and the physical energy you are manifesting, the better you will get day by day.

Try to be a dynamic drummer by consistently practicing and video analyzing your sessions via checking postures , stick position, groove profile , hand motion ,wrist motion, pedal pattern and what not, adding fluidity and dynamism to your playing is not complex if you are aware of it and pursuing it everyday is the game changer.

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