Djs at best: Get a Smooth Transitions & great flow

A lot of Djs have good track list but they somehow over do during the transition and it all sound very weird , I mean the crowd will notice it and May let it slide , but you aint gonna get good Craigslist review , the point that most of the Djs miss is that just like transition of chords while playing a guitar, the transition of tracks has to be subtle and pumping at the same time , so many Djs who are underground are really good at mixing but someone like David Guetta kinda sucks at it , so the art of transition will require lot of mixing hours but the best part is if you get really good at track transitioning and beat mixing then playing a live set will be really easy for you all the time.

Smooth and subtle transitions depends on how good your muscle memory is developed around your turntable and the channel knobs , I mean the knob have to be fiddled very sensitively in order to get that smooth feel , transition is a really big concept in itself and this abstract will not be able to cover it all , next few abstract will share deep concept exploring the art of mixing, so lets make it short and sweet for now , these are the steps that you can follow to execute a smooth transition but again , if you have a better technique or you like any other techniques you think is cool go for it, always remember if you are a good Dj you will play with your turn table like an instrument not like a device which just play songs.

Track transition is a multi step process in which you have to slice the tracks you are playing , into 4, 16, 32 bars and then you have to sync the track on the next desk with it , both are synced in the same tempo (BPM) and then gradually based on the sound and tonal profiling you have to adjust low, mid and low and bring them at the right configuration to slowly transition to the next track , there can be many different approaches towards track transitioning , the best way is to observe how often and what kind of transition you are executing by video recording your sessions and analyzing them later this will surely help in smoothing your transition.

A smooth transition is the name of the game and the more transitions you will do the more you will be good at it, the techniques can differ but it is totally fine as one size never ever fits all…

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