Music Production : Yes or No?

How to move into production?

ANSWER : Hmmmm let’s see!!

Usually I have met a lot of musicians who are suffering from this dilemma that weather they want to start full power production or just wanna enjoy recording single instruments , and as a matter of fact it is a pretty good dilemma , I mean it is a threshold when you realize that you have to expand your horizons.

Production is an amazing world but at the same time for tech savvy musicians it can be quite a smooth ride but for non tech savvy musicians it can be pretty bumpy ride , I mean if you have good knowledge in how to play instruments it is cool, but when it comes to mixers, synths, drum pad , etc it is whole different world.

If you are entering the world of production then get ready to geek out , based on user experience you can choose from so many software that can get you the sound you want, my advice will be, better not to get into complex and wirey studio setups in the beginning , i will share 100s of article just regarding those wirey studio setups but for now , it is going to be about ONE MAN ARMY , by this i mean adapting to a simple intuitive , flexible and efficient workstations, for eg windows PC or Mac which have an DAW installed, and few synths, modulators etc these kinda setup will deliver you the best quality sound quality with easy and very less production cost.

What I am trying to say is that, due to the fast evolution in technology and thankfully music technology now we have access to very powerful and portable studio units which can help us achieve the exact sound we are looking for, nowadays you can even produce good music from your phone, being creative is the key, now the tools of productions are getting more intuitive and better day by day and it is amazing because this will reduce the inventory cost associated with music Instruments and can help lot of aspiring and budding musicians to come up and take a step further and start creating music.

So if you planning to move to production then go for it , because it will open new dimensions in your playing as well as it will help you develop a deep understanding of sound design and the best part is you can record your instruments both acoustically and digitally , layer them up , equalize them and publish on SoundCloud, Bandcamp etc at a go, all this seamlessly integrated with an intuitive and smooth workflow.

Most of the production units Like abelton or logic pro have plugins to directly upload the mastered tracks across multiple world-class music publication and streaming platforms.

Moving to production can be a long journey, because as an independent producer you will have to gradually internalize the pro and cons of the production paradigm, which will be a great journey, i move to producing songs across multiple genres when i realized i have to expand my expression as i was just playing drums and guitar acoustically for 6 years, i was recording them but not mastering them, but after these 6 years i moved toward flstudio, ableton, audacity, logic pro, tracktor, wavepad and many other VSTs, drum machines and synths, and thank god i took this journey.

Anyways production it is a beautiful world of digital instruments and sounds, Embark it if you feel like, if you don’t then wait for the right time, i will share lot of articles for each of the DAWs ( digital audio workstation ) i have mentioned above, so keep reading and keep playing, and homies move to production if you can, i assure you it will be one of the best decision you would have ever made in your life.

67 / 100

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