CHORDS 101 : Chords made simple

Everything that we have no idea about can appear scary in the beginning but once we can understand what it is that is scary about it, then the level of fear goes down, it is kinda similar when it comes to guitar chords, it may appear scary at first but it will turn out to be a beautiful angel in the end.

Being a guitarist, I have realized and had seen it so many times that  new guys gets either really get excited about the idea of chords and strumming or get deeply demotivated as it does require practice and strong muscle memory control. 

In order to sort out any issue we have to reduce it to smaller parts and then by understanding each small part we can finally come to a right deduction, we have to apply similar approach to chords, deduce the chords into notes and notes into frequencies and you can see how clearer and clearer it will get.

Chords are one of the simplest and the most core part of melodic playing , chords helps in rendering both the rhythmic and the melodic structure of the song, basically a guitarist while singing plays a chord progression and he /she harmonize with the chords with the help of vocals and renders a two layer well harmonized acoustic set. 

In the above mentioned  setup you can observe what is going on with the power of visualization, for eg a man or a women with a guitar , playing four chords at a certain tempo, harmonizes his /her vocals and sings for few minutes and end of the performance, claps!!!

It is actually as simple as it sounds, if you can start feeling the Instrument you are playing.

Always remember things happen when you feel , you have to develop a close link with the instrument you are playing, that deep connect with the Instrument will help you to explore multiple dimensions of the instrument that you are playing, just imagine connecting with a loved one, just the way you try to understand them, you have to spend time in understanding the instrument you love and once you do, it will never leave you, never ever!

So for the sake of simplicity; we will talk only about triads, by triads I mean the chords which only have 3 notes and one of them is the root note, keep in mind the root note you are playing all the time and make this a habit as it will help you in later stages to move from chords to scales and arpeggios and what not , root note gets the limelight as it will be a hook between scales and chords.

So as a beginner think triads as a group of notes that create a feel and you have to strum to keep that cool feel going on, you can always accentuate your strumming very percussivly and can add more vibrance to it.

C Triad Chord

Am Triad Chord

Gm Triad Chord

Fm Triad Chord

Dm Triad Chord

Em Triad Chord

Am Triad Chord

Add these chords together and you get a chord progression.

CHORD PROGRESSION : C–G–Am–F (One of Most used chord progression of all time)

These are the following set of triads chords that are very popular in the mainstream music as well as in many other cool genres, I am sharing these triads chords as they are easy to play and once you learn them you can easily make so many cool generic and non-generic chord progressions out of them and start creating you own song.

Chords and Scales are ways of expressing a melody, they both go hand in hand, the root note is the HERO, your chord, your key, your scale all will revolve around the ROOT NOTE, so make the root note your friend and you will never get lost.

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