Why life is so complex?

We always wonder that we have so much to do and so less time, the reality is, we are the only reason for making our life complex, we want everything but when we don’t get it, we hate that very fact. This results in a negative chain of thoughts compiled with dampness and a negative emotional roller coaster ride.

Life is not about making it complex and challenging day by day but making it simpler and intuitive day by day, we want good car, good home, good partner and keep trying hard, we work 10 hour shifts in order to achieve those vicarious desires and feed our senses for a while but on the way of achieving all these desires we add more desires in our path of achieving the above-mentioned desires, our desires keeps on multiplying, they are dynamic in nature and hence the more we have the more we want.

The more desires we have whether fulfilled or unfulfilled equally contributes in making our life more complex day by day, these added set of desires will ignite our latent needs and these needs have additional needs attached to them hence a chain reaction of desires resulting in a more materialistic and capitalistic approach towards life, so this complex and uncontrolled web of desires results in long term despair and remorse.

Nature is in beautiful harmony, it consists of positive and negative feedback loops, so we make our life complex by adding a lot of negative feedback loops and decreasing the positive feedback loops thus completely messing up the balance that is ideal for harmony and blissfulness, when we don’t see our way through achieving the set of desires, we resort to throwing them away in distress and frustration, which is not the right way to let loose.

So, what I have learned through my spiritual experiences is that ; don’t make your life complex, by adding a lot in your daily buffer but instead try to make it simpler day by day which can be done by not overthinking things and keeping our dream buffer as small as possible and realistic buffer as large as possible.

This is a very subjective topic and will share lot of deep insights revolving around complexities of life and how to overcome them , for now peace, keep moving forward and shine like a star….

69 / 100

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