Save guitar : Humidity

We all love to play guitar and chill but most of us totally ignore this fact that guitar is made out of wood and can be deeply effected by humidity, yes it is true, humidity can mess up your guitar to a very high level, let’s see how.

If you are in a dense humid environmental condition, then it let’s the guitar to shrink, so if you don’t address this shrinking issue for a long time then it will lead to guitar cracks and miss-alignment of the fret board, tuning pegs which will result in a lot of fret buzz and bad intonation.

So just putting your guitar in the case is not enough to fight the moisture, you have to first dry the guitar, use dryer to do so ; after drying put the guitar in the case, put silica gel pouches and distribute them evenly across the guitar, the silica gel is used to absorb moisture , use few of them put them in and then wait, you will for sure notice opened up sound and yes a way better playing experience.

This hack will help your guitar stay upright & dry so that you can drop some bars anytime without worrying about the moisture in the air. This is just one Tip out of 100s of tips, keep reading guys and i will keep sharing these tips so that we all can keep good care of our beloved guitar.

67 / 100

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