Body Language + You

58% of our communication is nonverbal that means that what we think and how other perceives us as a person widely depends on how good and composed our body language is and the worst part is we do all the non-verbal communication sub-consciously which lowers down the efficiency of the communication because we are not completely aware of it. Being aware of it and presenting it in a refined way is the key to a great personality and a strong persona.

We are modern human beings and we have been here since 100,000 years tops but most of our communication and decision making is governed by the primitive side of our brain also known as the R complex.

R COMPLEX a.k.a the Primitive SIDE OF THE BRAIN plays a prime role in deciding whether a person is —



3) Sexual Partner

4) Indifferent

After R Complex Make this decision, the job of Neo-Cortex is to trigger thoughts in our brain and hence every thought is compiled with an emotion.

Hence we see a physical manifestation of our thoughts ; through a collective integration of multiple sub conscious processes.

A subtle and sound body language helps in regulating a more calm and balanced internal and external outlook.

The result of balanced electro-chemical activities inside our body will render a subtle manifestation of body language, sometimes not that subtle during hard external conditions but usually yes it is darn subtle. The more subtle and refined our body language is the more it increase our odds of being a successful and a stable person across all dimensions of personal, social, professional and spiritual life.

67 / 100

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