Jaming Jazz : EXPLAINED

What I have felt after jamming with jazz musicians and playing it for a while, is that jazz actually comes to you.

I know it may sound very broad but that is the reality, if you ask a jazz musician how they come up with those complex rhythms and melodies and they will say it is just about the flow and the connect that you slowly develop while playing and learning with jazz musicians.

In simple terms imagine, you know how to speak English and then you  start reading lot of good linguistic and factually rich books and then you start listening to deep and very sophisticated and linguistically gifted individuals, after a while you will start internalizing all that data, and as a result your persona will start getting molded according to the conditioning that you are rendering on yourself, now it is kinda the same principle with jazz, you start real simple with the genres you love and move up the ladder, slowly and slowly.

Remember all the things start in a very simple way, by this what i mean to say is that , all things start in a fundamental way and then slowly slowly it start to get complex but that complexity has a pattern and a structure to it and when you are able to understand that pattern or structure,  then it renders a bird eye view and allows you a huge level of flexibility and freedom in the domain you are thinking in.

The simple approach to jazz is to get in the groove, jazz drum grooves are very much connected to the other instruments like the double bass, guitar or piano. 

Usually jazz drummers have this great freedom of replicating lot of melodies from all the Instruments be it double bass or piano, by this i mean a jazz drummer adds so much of accentuation and deepness in drumming or I rather say creates a mix of both melodic and rhythmic drumming and maintains a beautiful rhythmic and melodic balance throughout the sessions.

If you got the groove you got the jazz, during the earlier stage of jazz music , jazz was majorly played by African-americans and was very appreciated by the black community then slowly because it has so much of power, it trickled down to the whites and here came an era where jazz was undoubtedly one of the most favorite genre in the world.

All around USA in all the jazz bars people were jiving and dancing on jazz grooves, so it clearly signifies that getting the groove is the key for understanding jazz , the melodic structure are fast and can appear complex , lot of chord progressions, fast arpeggios , crazy long double bass and drum solos, damn this is the true essence of jazz.

Jazz is like a free flowing communication between multiple musicians, as it comes with time and lot of practice, jazz has very deep horizontal and vertical flow to it, if you got the rhythm and the expression you got the jazz ….

Jazz is freedom of expression to a very high degree, when it comes to jazz, ways of expressing it can be endless, i love jazz and will keep on sharing useful inputs regarding jazz, till then keep on grooving……

62 / 100

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