Wtf is EGO?

Yeah, people from all around the freaking world, throw this word around a lot (EGO), but most of them barely know what does it actually means, so lets know what it means, First of all Ego is an associated term which was coined by Sigmund Freud (The father of Psychoanalysis).

So you must be wondering where the other associated term are , I will throw some light on all of them one by one.

The Second one is called the superego, and the third and the most primitive part of our mind development stage is called the Id. 

So now we have three terms to take care of , the first one being the Ego, The second one Being SuperEgo and the third one id the id , i will actually explained them in a non-linear way , makes it super simple for me..

The Id side of our brain was predominant when we were kids and demanded instant gratification , if we don’t get it we cry, but now we are not like that because now our mind has developed and now it knows how to control the urges and how to receive them in a well optimized way.

Moving back to the track, The id side of brain deems instant gratifications, the Ego side of the brain deems long-term and short-term gratifications and the superego deals with our moral, values that society has imparted on us.

Ego acts as a balancer of how to exist in the society, thus maintaining the balance of desires and morals , ego is involved in our perception, thoughts and judgments and it does seeks long-term gratification.

So now let’s talk about conscious and unconscious mind, both are part of our mind but the amount of information stored and processed in conscious mind is way less than it is in our sub-conscious mind which is huge when it comes to memory holding capacity.

Both the ego and the superego share the conscious and the unconscious part of the brain and when it comes to id that is when we were kid it totally falls under sub-conscious part of mind. EGO , SUPEREGO and ID part of our mind have a lot of requirements and that has to be filtered out because sometimes they can’t be part of our conscious reality. 

In the end i would like to define some of our addictions, During our psycho-sexual stages (stages in which how an infant turns into an adult) , Not going to discuss it right now , but it is a wide topic will discuss across multiple follow up articles, so moving back; Whenever during our psycho-sexual development if our libido is under-activated or over-gratified it will surely result in fixation, plus any kind of conflict between these three parts can trigger anxiety and long term mental imbalance.

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