ADDICTION is a misery which can be solved

Most of us have a false notion about addiction, addiction can be of anything it can be an addiction to porn, social media, heroine, cocaine etc , when it comes to addiction it has a lot of stuff that falls into it.

Addiction can be cured , yes it is a fact, what addiction for us is a social and mental disorder because we think a person suffering from a drug addiction is mentally in-efficient and anti-social so we differentiate and alienate them.

The real reason of addiction is the alienation , when a person submits to a drug , he or she does that because in the conscious world they are unable to achieve few pleasures and desires and when they can get an alternative version of pleasure they go for it.

For an example, during the Vietnam war American soldiers use to take a lot of heroine , in order to escape the harsh reality around them, so the soldiers family start worrying that they all going to end up as a junkie, an average person will say yes they must all have turned into junkies but surprisingly when they returned back 95% percent of the soldiers were not addicted to heroin.

It was due to love and acceptance plus a stable political and social situation, which has overpowered their body need for heroine and thus they didn’t feel like hitting some heroine.

So now it is quite clear that addiction is a will issue, i am gonna give an another example, so according to 21 day rule you will get addicted to heroine the 21 st day you take it and your body will create chemical hooks that will demand heroine everyday.

But as a matter of fact, the reality completely depends on the person mental and physical state and the external conditions , because when a person is undergoing any major surgery like heart transplant, kidney transplant, leg surgery etc they are injected with a strong doses of DIAMORPHINE which is the purest form of the adulterated heroine that we get on streets , none of the patients end up being addicted to DIAMORPHINE which is way pure and stronger than the street heroine , it is because they never wanted to get addicted to it and they were sedated on it because it was necessary to carry out the surgical procedure else they may die due to pain, so it kinda makes it quite clear that the addiction can be overcome if you have the will and determination to do it.

So all the experiments based on addiction and our vague view on addiction has been based on studies from 1920s which has very less relevance right now, as we can see people have recovered from addiction by the power of their will and the acceptance of the society, addiction is not a disease, it is a will issue and with love and compassion it can be cured.

Our brain can act without any substance, but substance abuse turn into dependence that slowly transforms into huge level of addiction, and the substance we are addicted to start influencing us rather then our own mind and good people around us, which slowly takes a negative turn.

What happens when you take a drug ?

What basically happens when you take drug for the first time is that it triggers the reward part of your brain and that results in feeling good , relaxed and ecstatic.
Drug intake may result in high level of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that regulates realization, motivation, sleep cycles, learning and many other important brain processes , so due to high level of dopamine and serotonin we feel good , and we want to continue this relaxed state and with time the tolerance level increases and we need more and more to maintain the same level of high.

As a person keep on consuming the drug on day to day basis the brain adjust itself to the high level of neural juices by making less of it as it start getting it from external sources.

So after a while the person develop a tolerance because the same amount of drug cant trigger the pleasure system the same way it used to do few days back as the brain has developed a high tolerance level and it need more substances to get the same level of high.

Due to which people end up taking more and more substances just trying to achieve the same level of high they got the first time and may OD and die , all this will totally take away the other pleasures of life like eating, reading, socializing etc..

As our brain is neuro-plastic in nature, So Long-term usage will result in change of the brain chemical system and circuitry thus negatively affecting the following functions:

Learning + Decision-making

Why some people are addicted and some are not even though they are in the same socioeconomic setup ?

This happens because in some cases addiction can be genetic, it can be based on the ethnicity, mental disorders, physical ailments and other external conditions.

Addiction is a very subjective topic and i will keep on sharing lot of scientific and philosophical insights regarding overcoming addiction and how it affects our brain.

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