Stay Motivated & Game On

So when we look at the leaders what we can easily observe is that they have the power to influence others and that influence manifests into motivation at an individual and a collective level, all the leader stay motivated all the time or at-least act like they are.

Motivation is about proceeding in life , even after failures just like nature we have to be persistent and we will achieve our goal. 

Motivation is an inner strength that we develop when we are facing harsh external conditions and when we reprogram our thought process into a better and realistic form, due to which we get determined to perform actions in order to get socioeconomic, physical or spiritual benefits.

One popular scientific framework which explains the mechanism of motivation is called drive reduction theory so according to this theory , Motivation has to do a lot about maintaining your body homeostasis , that means the balance of its physiological system.

As we are used to repress our drives based on the incentives , that can result in positive or negative stimuli that can actually trigger motivation or de-motivational mechanism in you.

Now if we observe that motivation hold a rather subjective explanation then an objective one, the above mentioned theory is legit but it do missed a lot of points.

Another theory that is kinda legit is called the theory of OPTIMAL AROUSAL, which states that when we are motivated we are trying to maintain a balance between stimulation and relaxation. And it sounds very legit because when we are feeling low because of the failures , then suddenly if we listen to someone talking about their struggle, we  connect to that person at at emotional level and then our mind relaxes by the very idea that we are not alone and in the end the results are going to be sweet plus at the same time it gives us a reality check of how hard life can be sometimes.

So apart from the above mentioned mechanism we are primitively and till now in our conscious world is motivated by SEX, HUNGER, MONEY and SOCIETY.

Sexual Motivation has helped human race in the process of pro genesis and in maintaining genetic evolution and diversity of species on planet earth, Hunger has created a need to survive , so that our body and brain work in tandem ,and both co-ordinate on real time basis at sub conscious levels to posses what is possible and reduce / deduce situations like fear of being alone, fear of being poor, social isolation etc etc.

we can see we are social animals we need to make connections, without a connect with the society , our sexual , cultural, physical and mental needs cant be fulfilled externally.

Motivation is an internal process , everybody has a lot of it , you can trigger it via internal and external means the choice is yours….

Remember in order to be successful, motivation is just a temporary catalyst but the more powerful catalyst is your internal drives, stronger they are higher the possibilities of being successful.

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