Chain of Thoughts

These are few abstract thoughts by me.

We live in a century where spoken words have a higher reach then written words , due to the evolution in technology , now ideas travel globally at the speed of light , we all are lost in this huge matrix of 1 and 0s, can we find ourselves , can we…

life is lesson which is guided by failure and rewarded by success.

Your intelligence can charm a few , but your wisdom can intoxicate millions.

Its you who can kill yourself or make yourself, its you who can be anything with the power of your will, imagination and channelized effort, its you who has a dream world of your own, its you who feel the pain during struggle and feel joyful during success, ITS YOU WHO WAKE UP EVERYDAY AND CREATE A NEW DAY IN YOUR LIFE AND DECIDES TO BE A PART OF IT….SO STOP CHANGING OTHERS AND START CHANGING YOURSELF , OTHERS WILL FALL INTO THE RIGHT PLACE AUTOMATICALLY.

Innocence is peace in the hands of a saint and a lethal weapon in the hands of a devil.

Life is a pattern of HAPPINESS and SADNESS , We all are unaware of this pattern which has been manifesting itself since the very beginning when we first opened our eyes, if we can observe this pattern with a rational and spiritual perspective we can get of out this pattern and proceed towards a higher perception towards life and attain NIRVANA.

My sadness has taught me more than my happiness , my failures has taught me more than my success and my art has taught me more than my parents.


ANSWER : Whatever you are professionally is a superficial and capitalist description about yourself that clearly signifies that you weigh yourself with money, position and pride, but the real question still remains unanswered. that is who are you?and the answer is not what the society thinks of you , it is not about how much you earn or how you earn, it is about realizing this very fact that we are mere mortals with particular sets of skills that we execute everyday in order to survive and sustain life, whether it’s an insect or a human being. our perception about who we are, is polluted by materialism and capitalism that has distorted our definition about ourselves and gradually we have accepted it , so in order to uplift our status we work day and night to be ranked up by the society , but the reality is society doesn’t care, it is a group of ideas and opinion which will diminish after a while but your perception will still be the same if you don’t realize this very fact that you are born alone in earth, you will die alone no person can change it nor assist you in your journey after life, when you die you lose connection with the conscious world and hence you loose connection with everyone and everything you posses in your fancy materialist world.

Life is like a prism, it has many colors , the beam of light that manifests these colors is our soul.
59 / 100

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