Music and Breathe

Music and breathe goes hands in hand When we are playing any instrument. we have to think about the complexity of its anatomy and tonal structure and what not, but if we observe the deep link between playing the instrument and breath, then it makes the job super easy, so let’s explore this deep relationship.

Breath is the most important life force we have, it fuels life in us, it nourishes our body and mind , it is just like embarking a meditative journey which will result in bliss and creative freedom.

In order to synchronize your playing with your breath, you have to be aware of both of them at the same time and have to carry them together at the same pace.

Let’s say you are strumming at a certain tempo then you have to breath up and down , inhale and exhale at the same speed for few bars or let’s say for few minutes, you can start very slow and work your way up and be fast , but remember speed is not the key here the important thing is to develop a deep connect with your playable muscle memory by this I mean the muscle memory required to play the instrument and the breath control associated with it .

In simple words you have to maintain a consistent sync between your playing tempo and the breathing tempo.

Be consistent in maintaining the right balance between rhythmic breathing and optimized muscle memory management and you will see how it all becomes a fluid experience.

When I executed this technique it improved my playing at least 10 folds, it helped me to get more closer to the instrument, it helped me to connect my compositions with the life force , it is a deep sync and helps in to create a strong vibe, in next few articles from the same series i will share many easy and relaxing ways to learn percussion and enjoy the deep primal connect that we all have with the world around us, all that in a very deep meditative form, Keep reading, Keep Droping Bars, keep meditating…

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